Aisis Platform

A Powerful Platform

Aisis Platform is designed to be the central hub to all the applications and various APIs that I have created. It is the corner stone and the doorway to the applications that sit upon this platform.

Aisis Platform by its self is nothing more then the foundation for the applications that sit on top of this one. We share data to those apps so you don’t have to sign up or in to those apps. We share API keys so you can quickly interact with the various APIs developed.

Made for Development

The core philosophy behind Aisis Platform is to be a minimalistic doorway that allows you to signup, create an API key, and then begin exploring the various applications. Of course if you plan to keep everything hosted with us, you wont need an API key. You can just jump straight to the product section and begin using the various products we have.

Because we are a development platform an API key lets you interact with all the apps in terms of publishing information, gathering information and creating your own apps based off our apps and our platform. We are designed and focused around the concept of being a development platform.

Secure Doorway to Apps

We believe that you should signup once, sign in once and be able to have access to tons of applications and services right at your fingertips. We have built a concept of single sign on and single register. Your API key will work across all the applications for API development, should you want to develop.

Once signed in we create a secure doorway to the the other apps so that you can work in safety, security and leisure knowing that your doorway will be secure and safe to walk through regardless of what app you are in.